"Helping small business owners stay productive, one service at a time"

Small business owners spend about 40 percent of their day with administrative tasks. From payroll, and human resource management to benefits and compensation entrepreneurs are spending too much time on non-revenue-generating activities. HR Consulting Services offers a wide range of services, all customized to meet your needs at an affordable cost. From recruitment, payroll and business administration, we structure your experience based on your Human Resources or business needs.

Resume Service

We help job seekers put their best foot forward, with tailor made resumes.


We provide high volume recruitment services, as well as assist with employee retention.


We provide payroll processing services using programs such as, ADP, Quick books, Paychex, and UltiPro.


We provide business administration services such as, generalist services, handbook and policy development, contract bidding, forms and documents creation, LLC filing, and more.


We provide extensive services in areas such as monitoring and managing unemployment claims, as well as employment and business administration.